Computex Taipei, Perfect Display Technology will be there with you!

The Computex Taipei 2024 is set to grandly open on June 4th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Perfect Display Technology will be showcasing our latest professional display products and solutions at the exhibition, presenting our latest achievements in display technology, and providing the best visual experience for professional audiences and buyers from around the world, feeling the charm of professional display.


As the world's second-largest and Asia's top IT event, this year's exhibition has attracted thousands of companies from 150 countries and regions around the globe, including giants such as Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. Perfect Display's latest range of professional monitors, including 5K/6K creator's monitors, ultra-high refresh rate/colorful/5K gaming monitors, multitasking dual-screen monitors, portable and ultra-wide OLED monitors, and more series of new products, will be presented alongside the leaders in the industry chain, showcasing Perfect Display's professionalism and innovative strength.


Ultra-high Resolution Creator's Monitor Series

Aiming at the professional designer community and video content creators, we have developed 27-inch 5K and 32-inch 6K creator's monitors, benchmarking high-end industry products. These monitors feature a color space that reaches 100% DCI-P3, a color difference ΔE of less than 2, and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. They are characterized by ultra-high resolution, wide color gamut, low color difference, and high contrast, accurately restoring image details and colors.


Newly Designed Gaming Monitor Series

The gaming monitors showcased this time include fashionable colorful series in various sizes and resolutions, 360Hz/300Hz high refresh rate series, and a 49-inch 5K gaming monitor. They fully meet the needs of gamers from the aspects of design, performance, and experience. They can satisfy various esports players' pursuit of fashion and technology and provide different display solutions for all types of gamers. Different esports products, the same sense of technology, and ultimate gaming experience.




OLED Display New Products

As the next generation of display technology, Perfect Display has also launched several new OLED products, including: 16-inch portable monitors, 27-inch QHD/240Hz monitor, and 34-inch 1800R/WQHD monitor. The exquisite picture quality, ultra-fast response, ultra-high contrast, and wide color gamut brought by OLED display technology will bring you an unprecedented visual experience.


Dual-Screen Multifunctional Monitors

As one of the featured products of Perfect Display, dual-screen display products are our flagship products, with very few similar competitors in the market. The dual-screen products on display this time include 16-inch dual-screen portable monitors and 27-inch dual-screen 4K monitors. As a professional office weapon, dual-screen display brings many conveniences, which can not only improve productivity, expand the workspace, and handle multiple tasks but also offer flexible configuration, with the advantages of integration and compatibility.



Perfect Display is committed to meeting users' infinite pursuit of visual enjoyment with innovative technology, leading industry trends, and constantly exploring the infinite possibilities of display technology. We believe that every technological innovation can bring change to the world. At the booth of Perfect Display Technology, you will personally experience the power of this transformation.


Let's meet at Computex Taipei 2024 to witness a new chapter in display technology together!

Post time: May-29-2024