Perfect Display Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and industrialization of professional display products. Headquartered in Guangming District, Shenzhen, the company was established in Hong Kong in 2006 and relocated to Shenzhen in 2011. Its product line includes LCD and OLED professional display products, such as gaming monitors, commercial displays, CCTV monitors, large-size interactive whiteboards, and mobile displays. Since its inception, the company has continuously invested substantial resources in product research and development, production, market expansion, and service, establishing itself as a leading player in the industry with differentiated competitive advantages.

Different Types of Professional Displays

The gaming monitor series provides gamers with an immersive and superior gaming experience, featuring advanced features, exceptional performance, and unmatched visual quality, ensuring no compromise on gaming excellence.

The business monitor series offers a range of advanced display capabilities, including exceptional features, superior performance, and numerous benefits, ensuring unparalleled functionality and optimal visual experience for businesses.

The CCTV monitor series offers extensive functionality, notable features, remarkable advantages, and outstanding performance, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking professional-grade surveillance displays.

The interactive whiteboard series offers a wide range of features and benefits, providing exceptional functionality and performance. With its expansive size and interactive capabilities, it revolutionizes collaboration and presentation experiences.

The PVM monitor series combines cutting-edge technology and exceptional features to deliver a superior visual experience. With its high-resolution display, wide color gamut, and accurate color reproduction, it offers stunning image clarity and detail.

The portable monitor series offers versatile functionality, remarkable features, and exceptional performance, empowering users with on-the-go productivity and immersive visual experiences. With its lightweight design, compact form factor, and plug-and-play capabilities, it provides seamless connectivity and effortless mobility.