Mobile smart displays have become an important sub-market for display products.

The "mobile smart display" has become a new species of display monitors in the differentiated scenarios of 2023, integrating some product features of monitors, smart TVs, and smart tablets, and filling the gap in application scenarios.


2023 is considered the inaugural year for the development of mobile smart displays in China, with retail sales reaching 148,000 units. It is projected to reach 400,000 units in 2024. Sales of 27-inch screens account for over 75% of the total, and the trend of larger 32-inch screens is gradually emerging, with a sales share approaching 20% for the whole year.


The category innovation and scenario description of mobile smart displays directly appeal to users' inner desires. Consumers are more willing to pay a higher premium for the long-sought and previously unresolved demands in their pursuit of a quality life. After extensive promotion, application, improvement, and word-of-mouth spread, mobile smart displays have a high possibility of becoming essential products for a quality life in the future.

Perfect Display has also invested R&D resources into the development of mobile smart displays and will soon introduce our own products.

Post time: Feb-01-2024