Perfect Display Hong Kong Spring Electronics Exhibition Review – Leading the New Trend in the Display Industry

From April 11th to 14th, the Global Sources Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Spring Show was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo with great fanfare. Perfect Display showcased a range of newly developed display products at Hall 10, attracting significant attention.


As renowned as the "Asia's premier B2B consumer electronics sourcing event," this exhibition brought together over 2,000 consumer electronics companies, occupying 4,000 booths across 10 exhibition halls. It attracted nearly 60,000 professional visitors and buyers worldwide. Perfect Display's 54-square-meter custom-built booth featured several themed display areas, captivating numerous professional visitors.


The CR series Creator's Monitors were specifically designed for professionals in the design industry, aiming to replace the leading international brands' 27-inch and 32-inch design monitors. With high resolution (5K/6K), wide color gamut (100% DCI-P3 color gamut), high contrast ratio (2000:1), and low color deviation (△E<2), these monitors are ideal for professional designers and visual content creators. The displays offer astonishing image quality and vibrant colors, leaving the on-site audience in awe.




The Gaming Monitor area catered to gaming enthusiasts, offering multiple options including high-refresh-rate gaming monitors with a fresh ID design, fashionable color series (sky blue, pink, white, silver, etc.), and ultra-wide curved monitors (21:9/32:9) with high resolution (5K), meeting the diverse demands of different gaming genres.



The Dual-screen Monitor series was another highlight, featuring a 16-inch portable dual-screen monitor and a 27-inch dual-screen monitor, fulfilling the display needs for multi-tasking work and serving as efficient assistants for professional office productivity. The booth showcased a realistic office multi-tasking scenario, demonstrating the convenience and efficiency of multiple screens for handling multiple tasks.



The latest OLED monitors, including 27-inch and 34-inch models, boasted high resolution, high refresh rates, ultra-low response times, and wide color gamut, delivering a stunning visual experience.


In addition, our newly developed 23-inch Mobile Smart Monitor received considerable attention from the audience.


The success of this exhibition demonstrated our deep understanding and grasp of market demands, our relentless pursuit of technology and innovation, as well as showcasing our professional expertise and technical prowess.

The conclusion of the exhibition does not mean our efforts cease; on the contrary, we will continue to invest in research and development, marketing services, and leverage our advantages in personalization, customization, and distinctiveness. We strive to create more value for our partners and achieve mutual success.

Post time: Apr-17-2024