Stylish Colorful Monitors: The New Darling of The Gaming World!

As time progresses and the subculture of the new era evolves, the tastes of gamers are also constantly changing. Gamers are increasingly inclined to choose monitors that not only offer excellent performance but also showcase personality and trendy fashion. They are eager to express their style and individuality through products, demonstrating their understanding and pursuit of the latest trends.

Driven by a new generation of gamers, the acceptance of fashionable color monitors is on the rise. Traditional black or gray are no longer the only choices, and fashionable color monitors are increasingly becoming their favorites. This marks a key turning point for the monitor industry—the monitors are developing in a direction that is both eye-catching and powerful, achieving a perfect combination of appearance and performance.

Perfect Display closely follows market trend changes and has launched a series of brand new fashionable color esports monitors that perfectly integrate technology and fashion, in response to the needs of customers and end-game players. This series of monitors made its debut at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong in April and has received high praise from a group of professional buyers and customers. DSC04562


Product highlights:

  • Colorful options: A variety of fashionable and popular colors such as pink, sky blue, silver, white, and yellow.
  • Excellent performance: Covering various resolutions including FHD, QHD, and UHD, with refresh rates from 144Hz to 360Hz, meeting the needs of different players.
  • Wide color gamut: Color gamut coverage from 72% NTSC to 95% DCI-P3, providing a rich color experience.
  • Synchronization technology: Equipped with G-sync and Freesync technologies to achieve seamless synchronization of game visuals.
  • HDR functionality: Enhances the contrast and color depth of the screen, allowing players to be more immersed in the gaming world. 

背侧透明图 背侧透明图


The design concept and requirements for fashionable and outstanding appearance and excellent performance are perfectly integrated in product development. Monitors are no longer just simple gaming tools and equipment; they are also an expression of the players' personality and attitude towards life. At the upcoming Computex Taipei at the beginning of June, we will present more ID designs to add more color to the esports world.

In the future, we will develop more personalized products, exploring the infinite possibilities of esports with gamers and embracing a new world of gaming full of personality and charm!

Post time: May-15-2024