Team Building Day: Moving forward with joy and sharing

On November 11, 2023, all employees of Shenzhen Perfect Display Company and some of their families gathered at Guangming Farm to participate in a unique and dynamic team building activity. On this crisp autumn day, the beautiful scenery of Bright Farm provides a perfect place for everyone to relax, allowing everyone to forget the stress of work for a while and enjoy this rare group time. 



Team building activities are diverse, ranging from competitive games to self-challenging activities. Games such as Group Pedal, Caterpillar, Hot Wheels and Tug-of-war bring endless laughter and fun with their unique competitive and collaborative nature. These games not only test everyone's teamwork, but also enhance everyone's spirit of collaboration and collective consciousness.





In addition, the hands-on cooking cookout project allowed everyone to fully demonstrate their cooking skills and innovative spirit. In this project, everyone can not only enjoy their own homemade food, but also experience the fun of teamwork. In addition, this activity also allows everyone to have more interaction and communication opportunities, making the whole team more united and harmonious. In each group's cooking demonstration competition, the winning group also won a prize provided by the company as an incentive.



This team building activity not only allowed the employees to get excellent relaxation and entertainment after busy work, but also made everyone understand the importance of team spirit more deeply. This activity also made everyone have a deeper understanding and recognition of the company's culture, so as to be more actively involved in the future work.


In addition, this activity also cultivated the spirit of solidarity, cooperation, mutual help and love. In various games and activities, everyone fully experienced the power of teamwork, and deeply realized that only by uniting and working together can we overcome difficulties and achieve success.



All in all, this team building activity was a very successful one, which made all the participants happy and made everyone understand the importance of team cooperation more deeply. We look forward to the team of Shenzhen Perfect Display Company to continue to maintain high enthusiasm for work, unity and make greater contributions to the development of the company under the impetus of this event.

Post time: Nov-14-2023