Three issues to be considered when opening the LCD screen

LCD liquid crystal display is used in many electronic devices in our lives, so do you know what issues need to be considered when opening the mold of LCD liquid crystal display? The following are three issues that need attention:
1. Consider the temperature range.
Temperature is an important parameter in the LCD screen. When the LCD display is turned on, the working temperature and storage temperature must be included in the design drawings of the manufacturing enterprise. If the selected temperature range is not correct, the reaction will be very slow in a low temperature environment, and shadows will appear in a high temperature environment. Therefore, when opening the mold, we must carefully consider the working environment and the required temperature range of the product.
2. Consider the display mode.
When LCD mold is opened, the display mode should be fully considered. Because the LCD display principle makes it non-luminous, a backlight is needed to see clearly, and the positive display mode, negative display mode, full transmission mode, translucent mode, and combinations of these modes are derived. Each display method has its own advantages and characteristics, and the applicable use environment is also different.
3. Consider the visible range.
The visible range refers to the area where the picture can be displayed on the LCD screen. The larger the area, the more beautiful and vigorous the graphics that can be displayed. On the contrary, the graphics displayed in a small visual range are not only small, but also difficult to see clearly. Therefore, when looking for a well-known LCD display mold manufacturer to open a mold, it is necessary to consider how much visible range is needed according to the actual situation.
The above issues need to be carefully considered when doing LCD liquid crystal display mold opening, so no matter what products need to be customized, to obtain high-quality LCD screen mold opening effects, not only to find a professional and reliable mold manufacturer, but also to Think clearly about the problem and make sure to meet the various needs of the product.

Post time: Jul-16-2020