World-class OLED 55inch 4K 120Hz/144Hz And XBox Series X

The upcoming XBox Series X has been announced including some of its incredible capabilities such as its maximum 8K or 120Hz 4K output. From its impressive specs to its broad backwards compatibility
the Xbox Series X aims to be the most comprehensive gaming console that Microsoft has ever created.

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What We Know About the Xbox Series X So Far
Xbox Series X will feature eight Zen 2 CPU cores at 3.8GHz. That helps make the 'Quick Resume' feature possible, allowing users to "continue multiple games from a suspended state almost instantly". 

When combined with 12 teraflops of GPU power, we're left with a system capable of hardware-accelerated ray tracing. That means more realistic lighting, reflections, and sound.

4K resolution at 60FPS is another welcome addition, with the potential for 120FPS in certain games. What does that mean in a practical sense? That'll result in a smoother, more detailed experience than we've ever had on a console before.

  • What it is: Microsoft's most powerful game console ever
  • Release date: Holiday 2020
  • Key features: 4K visuals at 60 FPS, 8K and 120 fps support, ray tracing, near-instant load times
  • Key games: Halo Infinite, Hellblade II, full Xbox One backward compatibility
  • Specs: Custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, 1TB NVMe SSD, 16GB GDDR6 memory, 12 teraflop RDNA 2 GPU

Which Gaming Monitor Should I Buy for the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox One X rises above the competition by offering a native 4K HDR output and other features which are suitable for some of our favorite gaming monitors. There are excellent HDR TVs on the market, but a computer display is much more suited due to its lower latency for fast-paced titles. Building a battle station composed of a PC and the Xbox One X is easier with a gaming monitor, plus choosing this route saves you money, energy, and space.  Our monitors are future-proof and will withstand upgrades to the Xbox system.

Choosing a monitor for the Xbox One is easy as long as the product meets simple criteria for it to be practical. Users won’t need anything fancy unless they want to enjoy the full benefits of HDR or match the chosen display to an Nvidia or AMD GPU for proprietary Adaptive Sync solutions. As long as your selected model includes an HDMI 2.0a slot which is HDCP 2.2 compatible, you can enjoy 4K HDR gaming and streaming on your Xbox One X.

Our 55inch 4K 120Hz/144Hz Gaming Monitor

55inch OLED with a thinner design, high-resolution 4K, and fast refresh 144Hz rate bring you unprecedented gaming experience. Support MPRT 1ms. HDR, Freesync, G-sync.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) is a flat light emitting technology, made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. OLEDs are emissive displays that do not require a backlight and so are thinner and more efficient than LCD displays. OLED displays are not just thin and efficient - they provide the best image quality ever and they can also be made transparent, flexible, foldable, and even rollable and stretchable in the future.

An OLED display has the following advantages over an LCD display:

  • Improved image quality - better contrast, higher brightness, fuller viewing angle, a wider color range, and much faster refresh rates.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • A simpler design that enables ultra-thin, flexible, foldable and transparent displays
  • Better durability - OLEDs are very durable and can operate in a broader temperature range.
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Post time: Jul-16-2020