34”WQHD 100Hz Model: JM340UE-100Hz

Short Description:

1.The UHD visuals are brilliantly supported by 100hz refresh rate to ensure even fast-moving sequences appear smoother and more detailed, giving you that added edge when gaming.
2.And, if you’ve got a compatible AMD graphics card, then you can take advantage of the monitor’s built-in FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tear and stutter when gaming. You’ll also be able to keep up with any late-night gaming marathons, as the monitor features a screen mode that reduces exposure to blue light emissions and helps prevent eye fatigue.



Key Features

  • 1.34-Inch 21: 9 WQHD 3440*1440 IPS Panel wide screen
  • 2.Fashionable cool gaming design housing
  • 3.100Hz high refresh rate make it perfect for working and gaming
  • 4.No stuttering or tearing with G-Sync Technology
  • 5.Flicker Free and Low Blue Mode Technology


Display Screen Size 34"
Panel type LED
Aspect Ratio 21:09
Brightness (Max) 300 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio (Max) 1000:01:00
Resolution 3440*1440 (@100 Hz),
Response Time (Max) 6 ms(G2G with Over Drive)
Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical) 178º/178º (CR>10)
Color Support 1.073G(8bit+FRC)
Input Connector DP+HDMI*2+USB(firmware only)
Power Power Consumption (MAX)  45W
Stand By Power (DPMS) <0.5 W
Type DC24V 3A
Features Tilt -20
Curvature None
Freesync Yes
HDR support
VESA Mount 100x100 mm
Accessory HDMI 2.0 cable/Power Supply/Power cable/User's manual
Package Dimension 803 mm(W) x 588 mm(H) x 134 mm(D)
Net Weight 8.5 kg
Gross Weight 10.4 kg
Cabinet Color Black


Why Use 100Hz Monitors?


The first thing we need to establish is “What exactly is refresh rate?” Fortunately it isn’t very complex. Refresh rate is simply the number of times a display refreshes the image it shows per second. You can understand this by comparing it to frame rate in films or games. If a film is shot at 24 frames per second (as is the cinema standard), then the source content only shows 24 different images per second. Similarly, a display with a display rate of 60Hz shows 60 “frames” per second. It’s not really frames, because the display will refresh 60 times each second even if not a single pixel changes, and the display only shows the source fed to it. However, the analogy is still an easy way to understand the core concept behind refresh rate. A higher refresh rate therefore means the ability to handle a higher frame rate. 


Just remember, that the display only shows the source fed to it, and therefore, a higher refresh rate may not improve your experience if your refresh rate is already higher than the frame rate of your source.

Should I buy a G-Sync and FreeSync compatible gaming monitor?


Generally speaking, Freesync is extremely important for gaming, not just for avoiding tearing but for insuring an overall smoother experience. This is especially true if you're running gaming hardware that's outputting more frames than your display can handle.

G-Sync and FreeSync are solutions to both of these issues by having the display refresh at the same pace as frames are rendered by the graphics card, resulting in smooth, tear-free gaming.


What is HDR? 

High-dynamic range (HDR) displays create deeper contrasts by reproducing a higher dynamic range of luminosity. An HDR monitor can make highlights look brighter and deliver richer shadows. Upgrading your PC with an HDR monitor is worth it if you play video games with high-quality graphics or watch videos in HD resolution.

Without getting too deep into the technical details, an HDR display produces greater luminance and color depth than screens built to meet older standards. 


MPRT 1ms for further reducing motion ghosting


Product pictures

untitled 34

Product pictures

The connections you need to connect to the devices you want, from laptops to soundbars. And with 100x100 VESA, you can mount the monitor and create a custom workspace that’s uniquely yours.

Warranty & Support

We could provide 1% spare components (excluding the panel) of the monitor.

Perfect Display’s warranty is 1 year.

For more warranty information about this product, you can contact our customer service. 

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