Model: QM24BFI-280HZ

Model: QM24BFI-280HZ

Short Description:

Short description
(The FHD visuals are brilliantly supported by an incredibly fast 280hz refresh rate to ensure even fast-moving sequences appear smoother and more detailed, giving you that added edge when gaming. And, if you've got a compatible AMD graphics card, then you can take advantage of the monitor's built-in FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tear and stutter when gaming. You'll also be able to keep up with any late-night gaming marathons, as the monitor features a screen mode that reduces exposure to blue light emissions and helps prevent eye fatigue.)

Product Detail

Key Features

1.23.8-Inch 16:9 FHD 1920x1080 IPS Panel

2.280Hz high refresh rate make it perfect for gaming

3.No stuttering or tearing with Freesync and Adaptive sync Technology

4.FlickerFree and Low Blue Mode Technology



Incredibly Fast 280 Hz Refresh Rate

 The QM24BFI-280HZ Prime can draw up to 280 frames per second, which reduces eye fatigue overwhelmingly compared to a typical 60-frame monitor, allowing you to experience an overwhelming difference in the game. The 280Hz refresh rate, makes it possible for average gamers to feel a difference in their own reaction speeds thus allowing you to go another step further to achieve maximum performance.


Fast IPS technology−1ms MPRT Response Time

The ultra-fast 1ms response time is as fast as it gets. Get the smoothest possible gameplay to get the most out of your favorite fast-paced games and get even more competitive.


Tear free, stutter free, fluid gaming.

FreeSync and Adaptive sync technology puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any frame rate. Behold the next breakthrough in PC and console gaming experiences.


Sleek and borderless

Beautifully designed bezel-less panel, the QM24BFI-280HZ Prime is the ideal scenario for almost-seamless multi-display battle station setup. Immerse yourself in the latest games with a multi-monitor setup. Enjoy better continuity between screens while playing games, working, or general computing. Built the ultimate battle station, and enjoy total gaming immersion!



The stand can be removed to allow access to the 75x75 VESA mount pattern for use with a wall or desk mount.


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