What is response time? What’s the relationship with the refresh rate?

Response time 

Response time refers to the time required for the liquid crystal molecules to change color, usually using grayscale to grayscale timing. It can also be understood as the time required between the signal input and the actual image output.

The response time is faster, the more responsive you feel when you use it. The response time is longer,The picture feels blurry and smeared when moving.

Excluding the refresh rate factor, if you are playing games, the dynamic image appears blurry, which is the reason for the long response time of the panel.

Relationship with refresh rate :

At present, the refresh rate of general monitors on the market is 60Hz, the mainstream of high-refresh monitors is 144Hz, and of course, there is a higher 240Hz,360Hz. The notable feature brought by the high refresh rate is smoothness, which is very easy to understand. Originally there were only 60 pictures per frame, but now it has become 240 pictures, and the overall transition will naturally be much smoother.

The response time affects the clarity of the screen, and the refresh rate affects the smoothness of the screen. Therefore, for gamers, the above parameters of the display are indispensable, and all of them can be satisfied to ensure that you are invincible in the game.

Post time: Aug-03-2022